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Our Commitment to the Environment

      Now more than ever, the environment and all the living things that we share our planet with need our help. Your In Zen jewelry purchase will help contribute to that goal. We pledge $1 for every order toward non-profit environmental restoration and protection projects worldwide.

      Our environmental commitment also extends to using  Eco-friendly packaging that features high post consumer waste material content and  compostability. Everything from our shipping boxes, shipping labels, gift boxes and packaging tape is easily  recyclable.  Even our stainless steel jewelry is recyclable!

       We also use a special  non-toxic, FDA approved, food grade version of resin enamel for our coloration process.  It is more expensive, but healthier for you and the planet. In addition, we believe that making high quality, durable and beautiful products is a respectful use of the Earth’s limited resources.

      Everyone from businesses to consumers need to consider their choices carefully to insure we are moving to a sustainable future. Now is the time! Small to large changes can create positive momentum. We share your concern for the environment and your support of In Zen jewelry will help us to move forward as we continually strive to become more sustainable in our business and better stewards of the environment.