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Our Story


   Nationally known jewelry designer and artist Eric Candee is the founder of In Zen Jewelry. Working in his Salida, Colorado studio, Eric has been creating jewelry and fine art for over 25 years.  The wild beauty of his rocky mountain home and a life-long passion for the natural world inspires the natural simplicity and subtle style that In Zen Jewelry is known for.  Designing affordable, durable and stylish boutique jewelry drives his creative process with an ever present desire to serve others. A strong environmental ethic guides Erics’ focus to strive for sustainability in his business and personal life. A pledge to donate $1 for every order towards environmental restoration and protection projects world wide is a key element to the foundation of In Zen Jewelry. A commitment to easily recyclable and biodegradable packaging is integral toward reducing our impact.


      Living in gratitude is an important element that fosters a positive mental state of being. We wish to thank all of the wonderful people who have supported us with their purchases and kindness throughout the past 25 years.  From those of you we’ve had the pleasure to meet face to face at the many outdoor art festivals throughout the country; and to our loyal online customers, In Zen Jewelry would not be possible without your support. We are immensely grateful. It has been our privilege and pleasure to serve you all!


      A message from Eric: “We no longer have the luxury to wait for others to lead the way towards greater sustainability and care for the planet. The time is now to begin adopting changes to our businesses and personal lives that reduce our impact on the precious world we depend on. We each have the power to support businesses and embrace individual actions that affect positive change. As small streams flow together to form a mighty river, so to our positive changes will lead others to a better future. We are all in this together.”