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Jewelry Care



      Our materials and designs are all about simplicity, durability and easy care. That is why we use hypoallergenic, surgical grade 316L stainless steel for every piece of In Zen Jewelry. It will never tarnish or turn color and requires no special treatment. The ultra durable resin enamel color coating is incredibly tough and also needs no special care.  Cleaning is simple and easy. Ordinary dish soap and tap water is recommended for cleaning. A sponge with non abrasive "scruffy" can also be used. Finally, a soft cotton cloth to dry and shine your jewelry will restore the original luster. (Please note: Sterling and silver plated accessory necklace chains may require occasional polishing with a dry cotton cloth or specifically made polishing cloths to maintain and remove natural silver tarnish.)



      In Zen jewelry is made with your active lifestyle in mind. Wear it to the beach and swim in the salt water. No problem. Don’t worry if you get some sunscreen on your bracelet…it can handle it. Rinse off in a refreshing shower and you’re ready to head to dinner with your friends looking stylish as ever. 

      Our customers tell us they wear their jewelry doing yoga, gardening, rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, kayaking, traveling, playing music, at work and just chillin’ at the pool. Where ever you choose to wear your In Zen jewelry, rest assured it is super durable, stylish and truly made for everyday living. In fact, many of our customers say they have been wearing our bracelets continuously for years at a time…“ they still look brand new, amazing!”. 

      Keep in mind that our necklaces with leather cord or silver chain don’t appreciate water and sunscreen the way our bracelets and earrings do. Wear accordingly.